SMSF Secure Login

SMSF Share File is the secure method of sending and receiving your SMSF Compliance files.

SMSF Share File

If you are already a client of Discover Super and would like to register for a SMSF secure login area, click here.

How to use SMSF Share File


If you are not already a client and are interested in hearing more about our secure area service and/or the other services we provide.  Please contact Us.

SMSF Advice

If you are looking for a SMSF Advice Solution for your clients, Michael Dietrich is a financial planner and authorised representative of Lifespan Financial Planning Pty Ltd. Lifespan is the privately owned and operated holder of an Australian Financial Services License.

SMSF Outsouring

SMSF Outsourcing

Discover Super provide back office SMSF solution customised to meet your firms individual needs. As SMSF services is all we provide, we are trusted by accounting firms throughout Australia to get the SMSF Compliance Documentation right the first time.
SMSF Outsouring

SMSF Audit

SMSF Audit services has been the core focus of our business since inception in 2003 and our clients believe that we are a valuable resource to their business. The SMSF information for audit can either be sent to us via mail or uploaded electronically via a SMSF Share File.

SMSF Outsouring