smsf outsourcing for accountants

SMSF Outsourcing for Accountants

Discover Super provide back office SMSF solution customised to meet your firms individual needs. 

We are a family owned Accounting Practice with all our team members living and working in the Northern Suburbs of Brisbane.  As SMSF services is all we provide, we are trusted by accounting firms throughout Australia to get the SMSF Compliance Documentation right the first time.

Financial Statements and Compliance Documents

You can post or upload (via our secure login) the funds documents and we will supply the following to your firm:

  • Financial Statements
    • White Labelled, or
    • Our Label
  • Audit Report and Auditors Letters (Optional)
  •  You could retain the Audit (Fee Quoted without Audit Fee)
    • You could use our Independent Auditor (Fee will be quoted with Audit Fee Included)
    • You could appoint an Auditor of your choose  (Fee Quoted without Audit Fee)
  • SMSF Annual Return (Optional)
    • Your firm can retain the role of Tax Agent (Fee Quoted without Tax Agents Fee), or
    • Michael Dietrich can be appointed as Tax Agent (Fee will be quoted with Tax Agents Fee Included)
  • Fully Referenced Work Papers
  • If you use BGL Simple Fund - we will supply a copy of the BGL File
  • Reconciled BAS and/or IAS Returns
  • Minutes
  • Pension Minutes/documents and calculations
  • Misc Documents as required

Actuarial Certificate

As part of our service we will arrange an actuarial certificate when required to do so. You will receive a copy of the Actuarial Certificate as part of the work papers.

Asset Valuations

We  will ensure that asset valuations comply with the ATO Valuation Guidelines.  We can arrange low cost property valuations where needed.

Pension Documentation

Pension Set-up Form
Pension Set-up Form

We can managed pension commencement and commutations.  We will fully document the pension decisions made by the trustee as instructed.

As part of the annual compliance the following financial year minimum pension requirements will be calculated and clearly informed to you/and or you client.


Fund wind-up

We can attend to the fund wind-up process with a minimal of fuss.

Problem Funds / Special Projects

We  can provide assistance with problem funds where that trustee/s want to rectify issues of non-compliance.  We will work with the ATO in the process to get the best outcome for your client.